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Signs your gutters are blocked and what this may do to your home…

Your gutters are your home’s Trojan Horse in terms of defence, they serve as an essential purpose when heavy weather strikes. Gutters are used to quickly remove the surge of water from your property. But for them to function properly, they must be taken care of, gutters are prone to get filled with a variety of debris, including leaves, twigs, and the occasional dead animal. So how might a blocked gutter be identified?

Where to start?

The obvious start would be to walk around your home and examining the gutters and downpipes. Even better, check out your gutters from an upstairs window if you can see them.

There are some apparent indications that your gutter is clogged. Respond to these indications by asking yourself:

  • Do I notice any visible gutter obstructions?
  • Is there water dripping from the gutter at one point?
  • Are there any droplets coming from the gutter at any point?
  • Is there any wood on the fascias that is rotting?
  • Have I spotted any animals in the gutter, like squirrels?
  • Have I noticed any close bird landings?
  • Do I think I may have a wasp nest or other types of bug nests?
  • What vegetation can I see emerging from the gutter?
  • Can I see any pipes that are bent, bulging, or misshaped?

If you notice any of the above issues whilst observing your gutter, it is more then likely that you have a blocked gutter. To Prevent further damage to your guttering you clean your gutters. 

If you check the gutters and don’t seem to highlight any of the issues stated, it doesn’t mean that your gutters are free from blockages. It could just mean you have a blockage in the downpipe.

To identify this type of issue you may ask yourself:

  • Does there appear to be any splashback at ground level?
  • Are the foundations weakened?
  • Do I have any brickwork or pointing damage?
  • Is the external wall discoloured, mouldy, or green?

If you indicated “yes” to any of these inquiries, it is imperative that your blocked gutters be cleaned as soon as possible. These are all indications that the gutter blockages are continuing to harm your house. You must find a solution right away to stop the harm from getting expensive.

Don’t automatically blame the tiling or the roof if you have a leaky roof or water stains start to form on the ceilings. Rainwater backing up beneath the roof because there is nowhere for it to go is a common indicator of blocked gutters, which can lead to leaks and mould growth within the home. Check your gutters for obstructions if you’re experiencing these issues with your home; it’ll probably be the simplest fix.

The effects of neglecting your gutters…

If you continue to ignore your blocked gutters you can cause serious problems to your property.

  • Water damage is the most evident issue brought on by blocked gutters. When it comes to effective guttering, time is of the importance. Any obstruction slows down the procedure and causes problems. Since the water must go somewhere, you will either have a substantial runoff down the outside walls or a backup that travels over your eaves, into the gutters, and eventually into your ceilings. Once this occurs, you risk wet penetrating, possibly saturated foundations, and significant structural damage that is difficult and expensive to repair.
  • Positively preforming gutters means that fascia’s are never really exposed to too much water. However, clogged gutters will cause the fascia to be exposed to a lot more water, then designed. The result is that they can deteriorate and rot, negatively affecting the look of your home and proving costly to replace.
  • Keep in mind that gutters are merely supported by screws and basic brackets and are not intended to support heavy loads. While debris does add a little weight, soggy debris and saturated gutters impose pressure on the gutter fittings that they weren’t intended to handle. This may lead them to flex and crack, which can harm the roof and endanger anyone who is walking nearby.
  • Many animals and insects enjoy blocked gutters, however your property does not. All types of British animals, including birds, insects, wasps, and even mice, find the accumulation of twigs, leaves, and moss to be attractive habitats. Blockages are then made worse, and removal and cleaning become more difficult.
  • The many forms of gutter blockage-related damage have easy, inexpensive solutions. Your gutters need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained annually to ensure that they can accomplish their function of diverting rainwater away from your home and preventing damage.

Prevention Generally Surpasses Cure…

Despite these pointers for identifying typical gutter obstruction symptoms, it’s important to keep in mind that prevention is always preferable to treatment. It can be difficult to find blocked gutters, and frequently the harm has already been done. Such issues can be avoided by having your gutters cleaned frequently. Gutter cleaning is a regular necessity in the UK because to the climate and deciduous trees there.

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