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Cast Iron Guttering

 Here at PolyGutter we offer a variety of different guttering profiles and downpipes. Our full range includes:

  • Apex Cast Iron – Half Round
  • Apex Cast Iron – Beaded Half Round
  • Apex Cast Iron – Victorian Ogee
  • Apex Cast iron – Moulded.
  • Apex Cast Iron Down Pipes – Heritage Circular.
  • Apex Cast Iron Downpipes – Heritage Square.
  • Plus, a full range of accessories.

What are Cast iron gutter systems?

For many years, cast iron gutters and other cast iron guttering goods have been a popular option. Most buildings use cast iron as it creates a classic appearance, thanks to its ageless elegance and durability. Newer buildings can also use cats iron gutters as it allows for a beautiful appearance, are incredibly sturdy, and can last a lifetime.

The History of Cast iron guttering.

From 1709, cast iron gutters have been a feature of British architecture. Cast iron gutters were popular at the time because they were inexpensive. Cast iron gutters have proven to have additional advantages throughout time, including strength and durability.

Despite the development of guttering over the past years, and the introduction of newer materials, cast iron has remained at the forefront of consumers’ minds when it comes to picking the best material for their project. Especially for owners of historical homes who desire to preserve the building’s original features.

Cast iron gutter systems give a building a distinctive aesthetic that makes it appear sleek and attractive. Cast iron gutters also complement expertly designed double glazing.

The Benefits of Cast Iron Guttering.

Using cast iron materials for your guttering system has a range of benefits and endless positives when installed correctly.


Gutters built from cast iron usually have a life span of around 70 – years. They are designed to be sturdy and withstand extreme weather with little to no maintenance involved. However, to make your guttering last a lifetime it is vital that you perform maintenance in an adequate manner.

Eco-friendly drainage systems.

Cast iron gutters have performance advantages, but they are also environmentally friendly. Hazardous chemicals don’t seep into the soil through the gutters. Cast iron can be recycled as well.

Sturdy, enduring, and robust.

Rain gutters made of cast iron can endure any weather. They can withstand harm from hot fluids and are not easily obstructed. Cast iron gutters resist sun fading and warping. Also, the gutters are sturdy enough to support the weight of a ladder when performing maintenance. Cast iron gutters come with a wide variety of advantages in every aspect.

Aesthetic appeal.

Having a unique vintage appearance is one of the major benefits to cast iron, especially for buildings where built during the Victorian era. Cast iron guttering has been designed to resemble the older heritage guttering and its rough exterior is such a popular selling factor.

Our range of cast iron gutters

Apex Cast iron – Half Round Gutters

The most popular cast iron gutter style is half rounds. They are perfect for most common applications and architectures. Many buildings and applications can employ this kind of gutter. The gutters are available in a range of lengths and sizes to meet the requirements of the project. For customers wishing for a custom finish, we can offer a cast iron in primed finish or pre-painted black finish.

Apex Cast iron – Beaded Half Round Gutters

The beaded half round gutter line has attractive beads on the gutter margins. In places like Scotland and the North of England, this gutter profile is common. The only difference between the regular half-round gutter and the beaded half-round gutter is the addition of the decorative bead.

The gutters are available in a variety of colours, including a high-quality, pre-painted black paint finish and a primed finish. Several colours of gutters are also available, but they must be ordered.

Apex Cast Iron – Victorian Ogee

The exquisite Victorian ogee gutter complements the opulent architecture with its complementary profile. It has a flatter profile and is like the common cast iron guttering design that predominated throughout the Victorian era. Heritage buildings, especially those in conservation areas, frequently have Victorian ogee profile gutters.

This kind of gutter is offered in a variety of RAL standard colours.

Apex Cast iron – Moulded.

The cast iron gutters of the 19th century served as the primary inspiration for the Moulded ogee profile. The profile can transport more water since it is deeper than the Victorian ogee. Moulded ogee gutters are another architectural element with a finely defined profile that are frequently seen on historic structures in conservation areas.

Drainage Calculator

From Alumasc

Alumasc’s leading Drainage Calculator allows Architects, Specifiers and Building Engineer’s to design and quantify all their Rainwater Drainage requirements using this dedicated software.

Key Features:
  • Category 2 and 3 Flat Roof Drainage linked to local rainfall data.
  • Eaves Drainage gutter sizing and pipe calculator for cast and contemporary gutter types.
  • Slotdrain Hydraulic surface water drainage calculator.
To request a copy email

Note: The Alumasc range of calculation tools on the Drainage software are based on BS EN 12056 and it is your responsibility to ensure that the data has been correctly interpreted. Architects, Engineers and other users of this software must satisfy themselves in respect of the adequacy of the design. For complicated calculations, please contact the Alumasc Rainwater or Drainage technical team on 01536 383810 or who may be able to assist.

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